The Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

It has become increasingly acceptable for men to discuss their erectile dysfunction problems. This communication has allowed treatment plans to be developed that has proven to be very successful for men who are suffering from this difficult and frustrating problem. The treatments for ED will depend on the underlying cause of the problem, but a great many successful plans and methods have been developed to eliminate the issue. Viagra as well as devices that will increase the blood flow to the penis have been developed to help a patient overcome this frustrating problem.

If the reason for the problem of erectile dysfunction is determined to be psychological a treatment plan to deal with the issues will be developed. Stress and psychological problems that have caused the problem can be worked through with treatment from a trained therapist.

Sometimes changes to the patient’s lifestyle can correct the problem. Losing weight and quitting smoking can go a long way to reducing the physical causes of erectile dysfunction. If this does not help there are still many treatment options available. Viagra is just one of the many medications that have proven to be highly successful in the treatment of ED. The medications that belong to the class of drugs called PDE inhibitors will work by relaxing the muscles and allowing the blood flow to be increased. You will not achieve an immediate automatic erection with the use of these drugs, but they will improve your body’s response to stimulation.

The devices that have been developed work to increase the blood flow to the penis as well. Vacuum devices work by drawing in the blood and elastic is placed around the penis to sustain the blood flow. Some devices require surgery and will involve the implantation of a device that will help the penis to achieve an erection.

The method that your doctor will suggest will be largely dependent on the causes of your erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to visit with your doctor so these reasons can be discovered. Viagara and the new medications that help with ED have become increasingly popular as they provide hope to the millions of people suffering from this condition. There is generally a physical cause to erectile dysfunction and more than seventy percent of all cases can be tied to a physical reason. The treatment of the illness will restore the body back to its normal functioning.

A full checkup with your doctor and discussion of your treatment options will be necessary to correct this problem. Whether or not the new drugs like Viagra will help will depend on the cause of the issue. If you are currently taking other medications it may not be possible for you to take a PDE inhibitor. There are also lower doses available to allow certain patients to take the medications. A doctor will need to monitor and regulate the amount of dosage necessary to correct your erectile dysfunction.

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