"The Penis Enlarged" – A Look at What Really Works For Enlarging Your Penis

As the message gets spread that "bigger is better", we have in our society an increased amount of pressure to "be big". As this mentality sinks in, women begin to believe they need a bigger man to pleasure them, and literally thousands of products pop up promising 'massive gains' for any man looking to enlarge his penis.

The bottom line: Most of this stuff is complete crap.

If you want to realistically enlarge your penis you need to understand that many of the products available today are complete scams and offer little to nothing in the way of results. This article should help you be better able to identify and rule out scams, while also helping you see what options might really work.

Pills : One of the most notorious products around is that of penis enlargement pills or supplements. These companies are very clever in that they usually make the pills specifically to increase blood flow to the penis. This results in a "harder" erection, which many men mistake for the beginnings of actual growth. In this way they have tricked you into paying them for another month of pills when really all you've received is glorified Viagra.

Pumps : Pumps are offered today in various types and qualities. While I personally had no success with this method of enlargement, I've heard that others have. The only problem is that penis enlarging pumps usually result in rapid expansion that is much too fast to be safe for your penis. Many men using such devices have experienced burst blood vessels and other painful side effects.

Stretchers: Often advertised as a "medically safe" type of penis enlarger, stretchers actually do get something right: They play on the basic principles of tissue growth within the body. When a new stress is introduced, your body tries to better prepare you to deal with it by increasing cell growth in the affected area (this is how muscles grow over time when you work out). Penis stretchers DO apply this sort of stress, but the problem is it can only be applied in one direction. The result is usually a penis that is out of proportion and too skinny. Yikes!

Does anything actually work?

The only method I have found effective for enlarging the penis in both length and thickness was penis enlargement "exercise". These exercises are in actuality hand motions that require you to gently pull and squeeze on the penis. The idea is that you are moving blood through the penis in targeted directions and therefore applying a stress to the penile tissues, eliciting a growth response over time.

My results were truly impressive and life changing for me, but anyone thinking about getting bigger should consider following a professional exercises guide to make sure that the exercises are carried out safely and that you have a workout routine that will result in the most gains possible.

Source by Brian McKinley

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