The Hype on CoQ10

We seem to have found a miracle supplement that is a cure for everything. Do a search on the Internet, you will find CoQ10 is being recommended for a number of health issues from cancer to Parkinson disease, heart disease to anti aging and energy supplementation. Two of the scientists who invented CoQ10 were given Noble prices. No wonder all supplement manufacturers have fallen in the bandwagon and offer strength from 50 mg to 400 Mg. The market for CoQ10 is estimated to touch 400 million dollar by the end of the year. Don't blame them entirely. We as consumers are always on the look out for something special that will keep us teenagers. What is the real story?

Before trying to understand the real benefits of CoQ10, we need to look at what exactly is CoQ10. Is CoQ10 Vitamin? Nonsense. There is the problem. CoQ10 is marketed exactly as Vitamin with a message that more is better. You see dosage like 'take 200 mg. twice a day for energy '. Do you know, unlike vitamins, our bodies produce Coq10 in millions? So you don't have to ingest CoQ10 to maintain the level. On the other hand, Vitamin needs to be supplemented through food externally, because our body depends on food sources to produce vitamins.

Next fallacy is that if a medicine can cure a disease, it can also prevent a disease. Is this true? Baloney. Can Coq10 prevents Heart disease? We don't have the answer yet. There is no logical co-relation unless the science proves it otherwise. I will give an example that is easy to understand. You take the Vigra to treat erectile dysfunction. Now can you take Viagra to prevent erectile dysfunction? I can hear you laughing.

What is the next delusion? Absorption. The consumers have some good material available on CoQ10 absorption issues as well as ubiquinol developments to read. True ubiquinol is great but are we damn sure what we eat gets converted totally with minimum wastage? (Bioavailability) Well there are tests done on rats. Thank you for the biological advancement, but don't we need some empirical evidence on humans too?

The current research supports Coq10 benefits only for a few Alignments. The chief being to treat patients who have congestive heart failure. So what about anti aging, Cancer and Parkinson's disease? The results are not what you think.

Source by Mizuki Yance

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