The Dieter's Snack: Making the Best Out of Your Snacks

Between-meals snacks aren't bad for dieters. In fact, it is recommended by dieticians that dieters eat often during the day. However, carefully choosing your snack is highly necessary to make sure you gain less while eating more.

Here are some tricks to prepare the dieter's snack:

Lessen your appetite through snacking.
If you think starving yourself by skipping meals will tear down your fats, you're definitely wrong. You're just actually forcing your mind to carve for more foods at the end of the day. Eating low-fat snack throughout the day has a big effect when it comes to weight loss. By eating low-fat snacks, you're likely to reduce your consumption of main meals which are sometimes stuffed with high fat ingredients.

Stuff your fridge with Ready-to-eat low fat snacks.
When we snack, we don't usually spare time to cook or prepare them. It is customary for Americans to snack on what's available in the fridge or get a pizza delivery. What if the snacks available in your fridge are bags of chips and cookies, soft drinks, candy bars and all other fat-maker foods? The tendency is to gain lots and lots of fats instead of getting rid of them. If what you have in the fridge is a monster soda, huge candy bar, and a bag of chips, you're taking 60g of fats or 1000 whopping calories!

Turn the fats down low.
Always check the label of packed snacks that you eat. Your target is to have 3 grams of fat per serving of such snacks. Remember, if you over-eat, even they're low-fat or non-fat, you'll end up converting calories to stored fats. Surely, you don't want that.

Take aside dried fruits.
Dried fruits are usually sweet, tasty and extra appetizing and healthy as well. However, if you consume about 20 pieces of dried fruit, you are also consuming 500-1000 calories! Remember, excess calories in the body will be turned as fats.

Pass the sweets.
Studies revealed that artificial sweeteners create "craving" in your body that makes you yearn for more foods. Avoiding sweeteners doesn't mean you have to totally get rid of them. Always take note: Moderation is the key. Choosing what you eat entails weight loss. Add some physical activities and you will definitely succeed in your battle against fats.

Look great while you diet.
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