The Best Ab Workouts With No Equipment That Really Work

The great thing about the abdominal muscles is that they can be trained with no special equipment. In fact, they can be exercised almost anywhere and at any time; at home, in the park, at the gym, or even before bedtime to work off some of that excess nervous energy. Following are some of the best ab workouts with no equipment. Don’t forget to breathe steadily when you perform these exercises.

1. The first is the old standby, the situp. True, it works the hip flexors to some degree, but when used in conjunction with other ab exercises, it can be an important part of your abdominal training plan. It is truly one of the best ab workouts with no equipment.

To do it, simply lie on your back with your legs together, your knees bent and pointing towards the ceiling, and your feet flat on the floor. Clasp your hands behind your head and slowly curl your torso up to a vertical position, so far that you can actually put your face between your knees. Then slowly lower yourself back down again. If it helps, you can hook your feet under a piece of heavy furniture.

2. Crunches. You take a starting position similar to that for the situp, but instead of curling your torso all the way up, you simply raise it up high enough to lift the upper back off of the floor, at the same time contracting the abdominal muscles powerfully.

3. The twisting situp. This is a modification of the standard situp. The only difference is that Your legs are kept flat on the floor, and when you raise your torso to a vertical position off the floor, you twist your body at the same time so that you can touch your right elbow to your left knee (remember that your hands are clasped behind your head). lower yourself back down again and the next time you raise up, you touch your left elbow to your right knee.

4. The Roman chair situp. this exercise requires only a small stool. Sit on the stool, hook your feet under a heavy piece of furniture, and clasp your hands behind your head. Now slowly lower your head and torso down until your head almost touches the floor! Then raise yourself back up to the starting position. You can see that this is a very powerful exercise, because your abdominals fight gravity through a much wider range of motion than with the standard situp.

These are some of the best ab workouts with no equipment. Be sure not to overlook them during your next abdominal training session.

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