Overweight Children and Video Games

There is a real link between overweight children and video games. Children who are or become overweight usually sit in front of a television or a computer the majority of the day and do nothing except play video games. As every parent knows this is not good for the health of any child. The child must not be, allowed to concentrate so intently on these games. An over weight child is at risk.

Some of these risks are heart problems developing; a risk of bone and joint problems developing. These overweight children will begin to have trouble with the bowels and the urinary tracks as well as become dependent upon junk foods. Some of these children can also develop breathing problems such as asthma.

The reason for all or this is the fact that the child becomes inactive. When anyone is inactive, the body metabolism begins to slow down. The slower the metabolism the less movement this creates fat cells to grow rapidly. This causes the child to become over weight. This can also cause the child to begin to have problems with constipation.

The added extra weight on the child’s heart and lungs can cause the child’s breathing to become, labored and the extra weight puts unneeded pressure and strain on the child’s heart as well as the lungs. Then even if the child does seem to loose some of the weight the damage has already been done and cannot be reversed in some cases.

The child more than likely does not eat properly as well and this will add to the overweight problem. Children need to be active and eat properly in order to prevent the child from becoming overweight.

Parents must monitor their child’s activity or the lack of activity. In the fast, busy pace of the world today, it is difficult to find time to spend with your children. Especially if you are, an only parent and you must work to support your children. This leaves the children at home alone with only the video games and the television.

There are free after school programs that parents may find to get their children involve in. These programs involve play, exercise, and games to keep the child from becoming inactive. This is a much better way for parents to ensure that their child is not sitting in front of a video game screen constantly.

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