OCD Forum – Chest Pain and Anxiety From OCD

Does your chest hurt at all? Does it hurt when you try to avoid doing a ritual for your OCD?

Chest pain is common in people with anxiety. If you have OCD, you have anxiety, OCD is just a form of anxiety.

What you need to do is to see your doctor first to rule out real physical problems. You want to be sure that there is nothing really wrong with you first.

Once the doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong, then most likely your chest pain is caused by anxiety.

Anxiety can present in different ways, you can feel numbness, tingling, sweating. Again discuss all old and new symptoms that you may have with your doctor to make sure that nothing is really wrong with you.

Once you've done that, then you know it's just anxiety. So don't fear. Don't panic. Your doctor told you you're fine.

Don't just take your doctors word for it though. Make sure that you exercise, eat right, and eat the right vitamins, like vitamin C, and the amino acids lycine and proline. Also include green tea and apples. According to studies done by Dr. Matthias Rath, Using vitamin C, together with lycine and proline can significantly reduce and or eliminate vascular disease. You'll have to look him up to find out more, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

So having the right information is important to make sure you're handling your chest pain the right way.

If you have information that other people don't have, the things you can do and accomplish will seem like a magic trick to most people!

People have been cured from heart disease and have seen a reversal in plaques in the arteries. People have been cured from cancer and have seen a reversal and disappearance of cancer in their bodies.

It is important for you to not only trust your doctor, but also do your own research and make sure your you know what your chest pain is or any other pain or malady for that matter. Sometimes doctors misdiagnose so it's important for you to be in the know.

Take action: It's important for you to see your doctor but also do your own research, ask questions and don't leave until they are adequately answered. Don't let your doctor rush you out without getting them to answer your questions. If they refuse, get another doctor, a doctor who actually likes being a doctor and is not just in it for the money. You'll be able to tell.

Don't blindly trust your doctor without doing your own research online and when you do that research make sure you look for natural cures first before taking medicines. Sometimes medicines are necessary for severe things, but most of the time, there are natural cures that are just better.

(This advice is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease, speak with your doctor before you try anything in this article, period.)

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