Lose Weight Fast – Make Sprinting Part of Your Exercise Program

Sprinting has so many benefits you would be crazy to overlook it as part of your fitness routine. Here is a brief description of some of the ways this quick and effective exercise benefits you and allows you to shed weight quickly.

Abs Workout -If you’re looking to work your core completely and get those abs as fast as possible sprinting should be part of your routine. You abdominal section is made up of four main muscle groups; the rectus abdominals (your six-pack), the transverse abdominals (underneath your six-pack), the external obliques (the muscles under your love handles), and your internal obliques (under the external obliques).

You will want to develop all of these muscles to get those great looking abs you desire. For example, the transverse abdominals compresses your core to support the spine, and this compressure of the abdomen also adds to the look of a small waist. So if you want a six-pack AND a small looking waist you need to train both the rectus abdominals and the transverse abdominals. Alternatively, conventional abdominal exercises such as crunches do not effectively work the transverse abdominals.

Glute Workout – Everyone wants a nice butt. It’s a simple fact of life. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, will get you the derriere you desire faster than sprinting (pun fully intended). There is a part of the body where the glutes meet the hamstrings known as the gluteal fold. If this area is well-developed there is a smooth transition from the glutes to the hamstrings which gives your butt that nice high look instead of the droopy, saggy look. Nothing develops the gluteal fold better than sprints. Just look at a picture of any sprinter!

Fat Burning – Now you can have the best abs workout of all but you’re not going to see those abs unless you burn off the excess fat. The best way to lose weight fast and burn fat is high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting. Now that may not sound like so much fun for many of us who don’t want to make every trip to the gym or the track such a challenge, but there is good news too. High-intensity workouts typically cut your cardio time by two-thirds. So 20 minutes of sprinting has the same effect as 1 hour of moderate cardio because your heart rate stays up well after you’ve finished sprinting.

If you are looking to lose weight fast you should definitely make sprinting a part of your program. You can do a conventional sprint workout or simply an interval workout. I would suggest a frequency of three times per week. Remember to ease into this workout. Don’t go sprinting at top speed right away. Take a few weeks running at 50%, 70%, and then 80% of your top speed before really testing yourself.

Remember to be comprehensive when developing a fitness routine. Sprinting should be PART of your exercise program which should also involve strength training (weights or body weight exercises) and flexibility training (stretching or yoga) as well as a nutritious diet.

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