Jelqing Myths – What is Jelqing?

 Penis enlargement is a growing trend and there are many methods and products that have been devised to increase the size of the male genitalia. Jelqing happens to be the cheapest and safest method of real and permanent penis enlargement but there are a lot of myths about this technique.

Here are a few myths and facts about this male enhancement technique:

1. Jelqs are a Strategy owned by an Online Penis Enlargement Firm:

This is the most absurd notion about Jelqs. It is like saying that a particular company has copyrights over exercises like push ups etc.,

Jelqs are an ancient method of penis enlargement. They are believed to have originated in Ancient Arab where young men used to perform them not just to increase the length and girth of their penises but also to improve their ejaculatory control so that they could please their women in bed.

What makes these exercises even more credible today is that they are now validated through clinical trials and tests which confirm their efficacy in real and permanent penile enhancement.

2. Jelqs are Dirty and Dangerous

There is nothing dirty or dangerous about this technique. In fact, this method is far more safer as compared to other methods of male enhancement such as pumps weights and devices that inflict irreversible damage to your erectile tissue and make you impotent for life.

There is no such danger with Jelqs. However, the key is to get access to a good exercise manual that can help you perform jelqs in the most proper manner with the help of video and photo illustrations.

3. Jelqs are Magic

This is also an absurd one. Jelqs are based on the premise that your erectile tissue expands due to constant stretching and this makes it possible to hold more blood. This helps you get longer and thicker erections.

Tissue expansion is a slow process and those who are persistent and patient with their exercise routines are able to add inches to their penises.

However, combining natural or herbal pills that help boost blood flow to the penis with Jelqs ensure faster penile growth coupled with an increased sex drive and improved ejaculatory control.

There are some high quality pills that come with free access to specialized exercise programs.

Check out more on Jelqing Myths and the best male enhancement pills system that is clinically approved and has become a huge hit among men trying to enlarge their penises.

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