How to Prevent Child Obesity the Right Way

As incidences of child obesity continue to rise, the best defense is prevention. At this point, many would already be battling the condition. No matter which stage you’re at, perhaps the simple approach would do you good. The following are strategies for the prevention of child obesity and bringing a child down to a healthy weight.

1) Give children opportunities and encourage them to be involved in physical activities such as playing sports, hiking, dancing or even martial arts. It’s also important that parents are involved on certain times while still allowing their children to accomplish tasks on their own and with a peer group. This allows interaction that children need to learn from. Remember that low physical activity is one of the causes of child obesity. So encourage exercises to at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.

2) A simple and very effective strategy in the prevention of child obesity and weight loss is walking and cycling. Encourage walking or biking to school or other near destinations instead of driving a short distance. Families might enjoy nightly walks around the neighborhood or brisk walks towards the park.

3) Limit the time in front of the television to an hour a day. This is not only prevention of child obesity but it is also for the good of a child’s mental health.

4) Choose a sensible diet. Encourage children to eat fresh fruits, vegetables whole grains and other low-fat foods. Do not allow fast food, high-calorie and high fat meals or even snacks. Of course, the occasional treat is fine. Just don’t do it everyday.

5) Keep track of the child’s height and weight in order to be able to compare them with normal and healthy measurements.

Keep in mind that the best approach to prevention of child obesity is to treat it as a health condition. Emphasize fitness and not weight and especially not the matter of appearance. Be careful or you might cause it instead of achieving the prevention of child obesity

Also, parents should be a good role model. The children need to see the habits you inculcate. It also produces better results when parents do these with their children. Think of it as a bonding exercise.

Perhaps this is a major lifestyle shift for many but hopefully you’ll see that the good outweighs the bad. The benefits of a sound mind and body can not equate to binge eating and idleness. The body wasn’t made for that. It was made to walk on the earth, feel the cool morning breeze, the sand in between your toes, watch the sunset and savor the sweet blessings of good fresh food. You have to believe in the prevention of child obesity in order for it to work. Have faith in it and in yourself. Imagine if the rest of world were doing this, then obesity would not be such a threat.

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