How to Get a Rounder & Shaplier Butt

Learn About Your Body

Your gluteus muscles is the largest, bulkiest muscles on the back of your hips that form your butt; connect to your hamstrings, which consist of three large muscles that run down the back of your leg. When you move, these muscles work together to move and lift your body weight. As your gluteus muscles become stronger, they will sit higher on your backside. Try taking larger steps when walking or going up steps two at a time.

The Power of Lunges & Squats

Don't underestimate the power of lunges and squats as they are among the best exercises for toning up butt muscles. Basically, squats work the upper portion of the gluteus muscle. Remember to perform squats with your back straight and your body lowered no further than a horizontal position from your hips to your knees. Try holding onto a chair or counter top with one hand for support. Tighten your abdominal and gluteus muscles and avoid leaning forward to protect your knees.

The Right Kind of Cardio

Don't solely rely on cardio to help you build the round butt you are trying to achieve. You are not doing cardio to lose weight, it's actually quite the opposite – you'll just be doing a little bit of cardio exercise for toning, general wellness and heart health. You do not want to burn off the added butt size with an unnecessary use of calories to fuel your cardio exercise. The best kind of cardio for women who are seeking a rounder butt includes stair-steppers & stair masters but the same result can be achieved by simply climbing stairs in your house or in your office building – multiple times.

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