How to Find a Natural Anxiety Cure

Most people today experience anxiety on some level; everyone has bills to pay and family concerns. In some cases, though people suffer what is known as an anxiety or panic attack. This is when for seemingly no reason at all the body begins to exhibit signs of intense fear. Some physical symptoms include racing heart, trembling, chills, hallucinations and more. If you have ever felt a panic attack you are sure to be interested in a cure, or possibly even a natural anxiety cure. A natural anxiety cure is one that includes no pharmaceuticals or harsh chemicals of any kind.

Before you search for a cure, you will want to arm yourself with solid information about panic attacks and anxiety disorders. What causes these symptoms and what is the best method for addressing them? Anxiety or panic attacks are caused when there is an overwhelming rushes hormone such as adrenaline. You may be more familiar with the term fight or flight.

In ancient times man needed to be able to fight or flee for his very life at a moment's notice, hence the body's ability to flood the system with adrenaline. Today however this response is seldom if ever needed and when it kicks in for no reason at all is actually harmful. If you have experienced this feeling you may want to find a cure.

Physicians and mental health professionals are prone to prescribing strong medication to deal with panic attacks, however many people are opting for a more natural anxiety cure.

One of the most natural options is to change your internal dialogue. Anxiety or panic attacks are often caused by constant worrying and thinking what if the worst happens all the time. This is commonly thought to be a result of self-doubt, thinking you cannot handle certain situations. You can begin to strengthen your inner thoughts by repeating self-affirming statements such as; "I am capable, or there is nothing to fear".

Relaxation techniques are another method that you can practice in the security of your own home. Stress and fear are the number one contributors to panic attacks and anxiety disorders therefore if you can alleviate the causes you cure the problem. Take a relaxing bath, read a book or meditate to bring your anxiety levels down.

Deep breathing exercises are the easiest forms of relaxation therapy and you can do these anywhere. Slowly breathe in and out through your nose several times. This allows you to keep everything in perspective while at the same time balancing the oxygen level in the blood. It is also believed that deep breaths release endorphins, which increase a feeling of well being and offer analgesic properties as well. What could be a more natural anxiety cure than breathing?

When you are in the midst of a panic attack it is too late to consider a cure, however, you can still use natural methods to get through the attack. Many people find slowly counting to be an effective technique for getting through and anxiety attack. This is another method that aims at focusing the mind to diminish the chances of fear taking over and causing rash actions.

Panic attacks are not something you want to leave untreated. There are more than a few natural anxiety cure options that you can employ if medications are out of the question. Leaving the problem untreated can lead to severe anxiety or even phobias that are debilitating so seek treatment of some kind immediately. A natural anxiety cure is but one of many ways of dealing with panic or anxiety disorders.

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