How Do You Build a Solid 6 Pack?

Have you ever walked passed someone that has one toned looking stomach and you can see the definition of their abs almost poking out of their stomach? I know I did, and you most likely have felt the same. Let me say that anyone can achieve that goal! How can I say this? Easily, because everyone already has a 6 pack, the only difference between me and you is I am eating right and working mine right that you can now see them. Everyone has a set of abs, it's just whether or not you can see them or not. If we all have them, how do we make them see by everyone? Let me begin with explaining to you the abdominal workout importance.

Now most people believe smashing your abs with heaps of sit-ups once, or twice a day is going to achieve a six pack quicker then only doing it every 2 or 3 days. Let me correct you by saying that if you look at the most shredded body you can find out there, and ask them do you work every muscle in your body every day? Their response should be definitely no! But why you may ask? Because rest is just as important as your training, so if you don't give your abs the rest they need after your train them, you are only going to overwork them and they will not recover properly and therefore not build up mass, and or strength. So what is the best type of exercise for abs, I wouldn't ever say there is one which is the best, I believe you need to change it around, from sit-ups, bridges, leg raises and crunches to even stomach rollovers and there are many others out there. By mixing the exercises up you never allow your abs to adjust to the workout, thus 'confusing' your muscle and this does stimulate growth and strength at the same time.

Now when it comes to dieting I consider this the most important factor when building a washboard looking set of abs and this is because I also believe your diet is the most important part of building muscle anywhere on your body as well as burning fat off your body . I can say I do train hard, but I outdo so many people at my gym, and the only thing different thing I do is I don't take all their supplements, but I eat a well balanced (but very tasty) diet that provides my body with everything it needs continuously throughout the day to fuel my body of energy, to provide my body with recovery energy during workouts, to provide my body quick recovery after working out, and providing my muscles and body everything it needs during sleep to fully recover! On top of this it keeps my body on fire burning up fat to ensure I keep my ripped look! However the biggest problem about dieting is that there is so much information out there provided by the industry and much of this is completely wrong information. This is why I'm set to change this for a group of motivated individuals to achieve the dieting part correct!

I don't have a strict diet that I stick to, I have a delicious lifestyle! I do not believe in removing the things you love out of your eating! I eat chocolate, I eat steak, pork, lamb, chicken, and I even eat lollies! These are many things people say you cannot eat to achieve what I have achieved but how? It's called understanding what you need to achieve your goal, then ensuring you get that each day and with understanding foods that burn up fats, speed up muscle growth and provide protein to your muscles you are able to add spices, herbs, and little things to your meals which boost your results! Then you can go and eat that chocolate and not feel guilty because you never get to your goal.

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