How Do I Know If I’m Jelqing Correctly? More Reader’s Enlargement Questions Answered

In this article we are going to look at the proper jelqing techniques for maximum benefit. The simple truth is that for jelqing to REALLY give you the types of rewards you seek, you really need to do it right. Many men will hear about the great gains that jelqing promises, and eagerly start their own routines. The problem is, unless you are at least SOMEWHAT familiar with the proper movements for maximum gains, you may invariably find yourself both disappointed and frustrated alike. Continue reading as I shine a little bit of light on how you can make certain you are doing the right things with your enlargement exercises. Read on..:-)

Ok – so How Exactly is the Jelq Done?

Let there be NO question, there are definitely lots of different techniques you can choose from. But the basic jelq ALWAYS involves using BOTH of your hands independently, and drawing blood from the pelvic bone up to the glans. Most strategies also teach you to make an “O” or “OK” sign with your hands, and to position your palms facing down when beginning.

What are the Signs I’m Jelqing Correctly?

Well, hopefully your penis is getting bigger! That would be a good sign that you are doing things properly. You should notice immediately after jelqing that your anatomy feels more robust, and has more blood in the corposa cavernosa chambers. You should, honestly….feel JUST like you would after a really good workout in any other part of your body!

Do I need any Extra Aids or “Props” to do the Jelq?

No you absoutely do NOT! The only thing I recommend is a good moisturizer or lubricant as the skin in this area is exceedingly sensitive, and you don’t’ want to cause an abrasion or any pain. There are in fact many people who recommend different jelqing aids – but I’m not one of them! Just your own two hands is sufficient to get great gains once you know what you’re doing!

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