How Can You Get a Bigger Butt With Butt Exercises?

This article isn’t about the best butt exercises or what butt exercises you should do. The internet is full of advices for different exercises. This article is about how should these exercises be done if you want to have a bigger butt.

If you don’t have a big butt given through your genes and would want one, it is possible to achieve through exercising. There can be found numerous of different advices and secrets around the internet for shaping up your buttocks. The fact is that the best and healthiest way to get a bigger and toned butt is through heavy butt exercises.

Your buttocks shape is of course affected by few other things than just the size of your glutes. Body fat, and how it is located on your body makes a big difference. For some lucky ones, the fat gathers first around the butt and then elsewhere, these people can grow their buttocks just by eating. But if you want a firm and big butt then you should exercise, no matter how your fat gathers around your body.

So how should you exercise for getting a bigger glutes. Answer is quite simple, think about people who have big muscles and do what they are doing, like bodybuilders. Getting your glutes bigger is just like trying to get any other muscle bigger. Exercises with weights have the best effect on your butt size. There are many different exercises what you can do, but probably the most effective are squats, deadlifts, lunges, cable kickbacks and lower back extensions. For growing muscle best set length for one exercise is between 6 and 10 repetitions and to do 3-4 sets in one workout session. Every time you should use as big weights as you can, this gives your muscles reason to grow. Without resistance there is no reason for muscle growth.

So what is the difference between longer sets and shorter set. Longer sets tone your muscles, and shorter with heavier resistance grow your muscles. With no previous weight exercising background you should start with longer sets and after you master different exercises and do them correctly, start using bigger weights and doing shorter sets.

How should you start exercising? First you should find yourself a good gym to go, a place where you think you can enjoy exercising and isn’t a too hard to get to. Then start training, go to your gym 3-4 times a week. Start out by doing 15 repetition sets and three sets for one exercise. Do this 2-4 weeks and after this period you can start to use shorter sets and heavier weights, since by then you should have learned the correct movement of the different exercises. From there, just keep on going to gym and workout hard each time and you should start seeing results on your butt quite soon.

There are no secrets for getting a bigger buttocks, it is a hard work by doing workouts preferably by using weights, but some results can be made without them. You just need to think what exercises to do to target your glutes and how you can add resistance to your exercising. For more advices on how and what exercises you should do try How to get a bigger butt?

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