Herbal Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction – Are They Good Or Bad?

These days, more and more men are opting for more natural herbal remedies to treat their erectile dysfunction. It's long been believed that the older, pre-modern science herbal treatments for male impotence are more effective than the modern pills and supplements.

Before you begin trying herbal remedies-or before you take any-it's important to know several things. The most important thing is to ask your doctor if taking certain herbs is okay for you. Some herbal remedies run the risk of conflicting with pre-existing conditions and medications and may cause nasty side effects. However, for most men herbal remedies will be completely safe to use, but it's imperative you ask your doctor beforehand.

One example of an herbal remedy gone bad is yohimbe. Marketed as one of the main remedies to treat erectile dysfunction, clinical studies have found that using yohimbe for a prolonged period of time will lead to high blood pressure and heart failure in older men. The results of studies have been so varied that The American Urologic Association does not recommend yohimbe for treating impotence, and in fact advises against it, encouraging men to seek other, safer options. Given man's lifelong battle with heart disease, you certainly want to avoid giving any help to congestive failure's side.

The two safer (and more widely used) herbal remedies, Asian ginseng and Ginkgo biloba, seem to have the most success as an erectile dysfunction treatment. Used in ancient China, Ginkgo was long thought to be extinct in the world until two areas planted by monks over 1000 years ago were located. Since then, Ginkgo has been back on the market as an important cure in any herbal medication routine. The main ability Ginkgo provides is an increase amount of blood flow to muscles and tissue; you can see why men trust using it as a possible treatment.

Asian ginseng is another old-as-civilization erectile dysfunction cure . Results of ginseng use vary widely, making it a much riskier herbal cure. One important thing to know is that it is Asian ginseng which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. The lesser-known American ginseng shares the same properties as its Asian cousin, but the results of using it in treatment of ED are much less reliable, and have caused more side effects such as high-blood pressure. In 2002 the Southern Illinois School of Medicine conducted an experiment with lab rats testing the performance enhancing aspects of ginseng, and while they saw results of both helping increase libido and sexual performance, the results using Asian ginseng were much more reliable.

No matter which herbal remedy you use, remember: the most important part of any herbal remedy is consulting a trained doctor first.

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