Foods That Can Trigger Your Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Let me start by asking you what foods you are sensitive to, if there are any? The thing is this that the foods that you are sensitive to, the foods that you consume, eating that food may increase your chances of you having a panic attack. Food does not cause panic or anxiety attacks, but there are foods that can cause your anxiety levels to be high, and therefore increase the likelihood of a panic attack. What are these foods exactly?

The three food baddies that I am going to look at are caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Let us look into each one and see how the body reacts to it once it gets into your body.


The kind of sugar I am talking about here is the type that one gets from eating chocolate, maybe a cake or a donut. I have nothing against any of these foods but the truth is they can give you mood swings. Your body moves from having a low sugar level to a high sugar level in a very short space of time, and you are brought to a low sugar level again. The high level of sugar does not last in the body because as soon as it enters, the body will release some insulin to try and reduce the amount of sugar in your body. As your sugar levels rise and drop, so you will experience some agitation and get anxious.

If you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, it would be better for you to get on a low sugar nutrition diet, with vegetables and proteins. Stick to natural sugars derived from fruit.


Caffeine for a lot of people is a must have to kickstart their day, they just have to have that first cup of coffee. However, caffeine actually affects the way you are going to be able to handle stress and all of the panicky feelings that may creep up on you during the day. Caffeine makes the body thinks that there is an emergency that is coming and so the body produces adrenaline. And as we all know, adrenaline makes your heart rate go up and when your heart rate is racing, it increases your state of anxiousness.


Alcohol is a stimulant. Whatever your state of mind is, with alcohol involved, it will be bigger than it actually is. Some people who suffer from anxiety may take alcohol because it seems to have a calming effect on them, for that short period of time. However, alcohol actually increases the lactic acid in your body, which actually causes your blood sugar levels to exaggerate. More so, alcohol prevents you from seeing things in a calm fashion, and it makes you make poor decisions.

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