Does Penis Jelqing Really Work for Larger Size?

Penis jelqing is the exercise that seems to be all the rage with men seeking to increase the size of their penis. The main attraction to penis jelqing is that it appears to be an all natural method which does not require pills or pumps. You perform jelqing with your hands only, and the only other accessory needed is lubrication.

While it has many variations, the main exercise consists of making a circle with your thumb and forefinger, wrapping that around the base of the penis, and slowly massaging upwards, releasing just before the head. Then you repeat with the other hand for a certain number of sets and reps. While doing this the penis should remain in a semi-erect (40-50% erection) and should be fully lubricated.

But does jelqing really work? Can you gain added length by simply exercising your penis with your hands?

While it generally has been accepted that gains can be made through jelqing, there are also those who do not believe one can increase penis size through performing jelqs. The bottom line is that there are way to many guys out there reporting positive results from jelqing to discount it as something that doesn't work. On the other hand, while these guys report decent gains, they are not reporting ridiculous size gains. So if you have hopes of ridiculous gains, jelqing is likely not going to get you there. But having said that, it can get you noticeably bigger. You can go from average to above average.

Even more noticeable than length gains, are girth gains. Many guys don't realize that this is where jelqing can really make a difference. And getting you thicker means becoming much more impressive with the ladies. When women get asked the question, "does penis size matter", here's how they respond:

"Yes, but really it's the girth (thickness) that counts. A thinner penis just does not penetrate as well as a thicker member. Length really doesn't matter most of the time. It's the thickness that turns us on!"

So, on another level, jelqing does work for sexual pleasure.

There are some catches when it comes to jelqing results. You simply cannot perform these hand exercises for a week or two and expect major results. Here's the only way jelqing works for achieving size results:

  • Routine commitment. It's not going to work in just one or two workouts. You need to be committed for the next few months to get the routine down and remain consistent.
  • Patience. Understand that it will take time for growth to occur. If you expect it to get bigger after a week then you are setting yourself up for major letdown. Most guys fail due to impatience.
  • Following a proper routine. Many guys just piece together jelqing instructions from what they find on the internet. You really need to get into a proven system in which other guys have found success with.

How long and how big?

Many routines last for 8-12 weeks. This is the window where you should see some gains begin to occur. Some guys may experience very noticeable gains, and yet for others, the gains will be more minimal. But many guys will continue with the jelqing exercise for an additional several weeks, where most noticeable size gains are achieved.

How large can you get? We discussed this earlier and it should be noted that even an inch gain can make a huge visual difference. Increased penis size can even have potential for improving sexual satisfaction, as also mentioned previous, through girth gains. Your first goal should be the added one inch mark, and decide from there if you want to proceed on for further size gain.

While jelqing can work, you have to be disciplined, patient and consistent. These are the three qualities that guys who have not had success with jelqing will usually suffer from. These three need to be in place so as to ensure successful size gains are achieved with the jelqing routine.

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