Do You Know About The New And Improved Cabbage Soup Diet?

For years people have been using the cabbage soup diet to lose weight but in the past most people were just handed one sheet of paper with the recipe written on it and they were usually not provided with any other information. And while the soup diet worked for some people other people often gave up quick on the diet when they couldn't find any other information. But now there is a web page where you can find out everything you could ever want to know from how to make the cabbage soup to what you can eat and do while your on the diet.

Well now there is a new version of the soup that you can use to really drop the pounds and the diet is new and improved and there is all kinds of great information now being provided with the newly improved version of the soup. The great thing about the new and improved recipe is it contains all kinds of healthy vegetables plus of course cabbage. It couldn't be the cabbage soup recipe with out the cabbage could it. Plus the new an improved soup recipe is all jazzed up with lots of delicious herbs and spices that will have you thinking oh man this soup is delicious and i just bet your going to want more and more of this delicious soup.

With this version of the diet comes a seven day plan that you can use to follow along with the cabbage soup diet and before you know it you will be losing weight. Keep in mid that cabbage is very good for you and highly nutritious as cabbage contains lots of vitamin A and Vitamin B and you really can drop weight fast on this wonderful new and improved version of the diet.

I don't know about you but when I found out I could lose weight by just eating soup I had to give it a try. Because a lot of people are reporting that they lose any where from 10 to 25 pounds in a month on the cabbage soup diet. And keep in mind that this new recipe is nothing like the cabbage soup in the old version of the recipe. The new recipe is yummy and even people not on a diet love eating this soup.

I can tell you that after 30 days on this particular version of the new and improved version of the diet I lost 27 pounds. And believe me I needed to drop those 27 pounds and so far I have been able to keep them off. And if I can do it well anyone can do it. I have been just a little to heavy for years so being able to drop all those pounds and keep them off made me happy. And I went from wearing a double X size shirt down to an extra large shirt and that for sure made me happier than I had been in years.

If you want to read all about the new version of the diet including the recipe and the seven day planner along with lots of other great information just visit the website below in the resource box.

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