Do Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Need Publicity?

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that has increased with the passing of time. Earlier, when the complexities were lesser, mental anxieties were also lesser but with increase in pressures from all sectors of life there have been some drastic changes in the life of modern man both physically as well as mentally. These changes among other things have increased the instances of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is no small matter. Apart from the physical abnormalities, it also brings in problems in the conjugal life of a couple. It has much bigger consequences than one might like to admit. Keeping in view the increase in the rampant and adverse effects of erectile dysfunction, the medical giants made untiring efforts to carve out a cure for the problem of ED. In 1998 the medical giant Pfizer ultimately succeeded in inventing an oral drug that made a strong grip on erectile dysfunction. It gave a much required relief from the indigenous and inconvenient cures of erectile dysfunction that preceded it.

However in this global world for a new product to sell and to become popular a proper publicity is a must. It is the trend of the day to organize king-size publicity designs when a new product is launched. Same was the scenario when Viagra was invented. The Viagra invention was all the more note worthy because its invention was one of its kinds. It was the first publicized ED drug to be invented till date. Thus it was important that the publicity of such a revolutionary product matched its magnitude. And Pfizer did what was required; Viagra publicity stunts had to be seen to be believed.

It was the hot topic everywhere. Be it in the news, in the jokes, in the films, roadside banners and even in the cartoons- they were all swept over by the Viagra epidemic. The Viagra makers left no stone unturned to etch out a proper publicity for this revolutionary ED drug. A proper publicity was utterly necessary because the drug was a new one and it needed buyers to compensate the amount that went on its invention.

Secondly Viagra is an expensive drug. So it needed to be publicized with a planned agenda that is, it had to come into notice of the people who could afford to buy the drug. The Viagra makers adopted the ever successful and ever popular method of roping in celebrities for the endorsement of the product. Celebrity endorsement is a tactic that clicks immensely with the upper middle class and the middle class. And in case of Viagra there was no exception. Soon the blue pill became the magic wand at the move of which all the problems pertaining to erectile dysfunction disappeared without a trace. The rest as we say is history.

Now it's been almost 10 years since Viagra was discovered. Viagra is easily available everywhere even on the internet. You can purchase Viagra from a host of websites that sell it online. What you must take care is whether you are getting generic Viagra or Pfizer Viagra. People today get Viagra Prescription from their doctors and then buy Viagra online as it saves them time, money and also embarrassment if there be any.

In spite of being such a popular medicine Viagra publicity is still on. To conclude we can say no matter how good a product maybe but to get buyers attention one has to publicize it!

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