Dealing With Obesity in Men

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear about dealing with weight issues is pictures of young women trying to cut down their weight by doing crazy fad diets to look like some film star in Hollywood. Even though it is fact that women are quite concerned about their weight, men also have a serious problem with excess weight and obesity is becoming a serious health issue today. Just like women, most men who get them selves dealing with serious issues of stress and insecurity will almost always find solace in food; the kind of food that is quickly available on such circumstances is fast food which is the main culprit in obesity.

There are different causes of obesity in men but there is no doubt that stress is a major contributory factor. This is especially true during these hard economic times when many men are not able to meet their family obligations. Personal and family financial expectations are not being met and that hurts men seriously. The large amounts of lay offs that are going on leading to financial frustrations as well as the millions others who must wake up every day to a job they don’t necessarily enjoy can be quire overwhelming when its combined with other stresses in the home.

Any man, especially one who has a family, needs to be sure that he will provide for his family but the current state of affairs where they are not sure they will have a job tomorrow doesn’t make things any better. There is so much tension as a result of not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. This state of affairs leads men to believe they have lost a significant part of their self worth and it becomes worse for those who lose their source of income. Such men feel like they have lost their source of identity and they sometimes take too long to pick up the pieces; it becomes worse when they don’t have the support of their families or loved ones.

Most men who reach this stage will finally give up on everything and turn to food, drugs of abuse and alcohol as their way of dealing with stress. In a little while others will begin caring less what they look like and soon begin getting into food binges every time they feel low. These are the times when fast foods becomes the main source of food comfort and since there are chances they will not do any form of exercise, they soon begin putting on the pounds as obesity sets in with all its side effects that lead to poor health.

Even though not all men deal with their challenges this way ending up with obesity, the truth of the matter is that the numbers of those who do are continuing to rise by the day. Others have taken up the sedentary lifestyle of spending time on the couch with bags of salty, sugary and fatty snacks as they while their time in front of the TV in trying to sink their stresses hoping they will forget their troubles. The end result of this lifestyle is heart diseases, diabetes, stomach troubles, loss of libido and other male problems.

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