Butt Exercises for an Ample More Curvier Backside!

Best butt exercises !!

Between my extensive research and from my own experiences I have put together comprehensive techniques to help build those muscles in the glutes (butt) !!

The butt muscle is one of the biggest muscles in your body. That muscle can be worked and made bigger just like any muscle on your body. Staying consistent in the mission to get a bigger butt is one of the most important steps in making that muscle grow. When I workout my main goal is no longer to "make my butt bigger" (it's already big enough) my goal is to keep it firm, lifted and round. But if you want a bigger butt here are some good ways to work towards it:

1. 5-10 min warm-up and a light stretch:

Warming up gets the blood flowing throughout the body. Stretching before a workout helps gets you going (at least it does with me) and prepares your muscles for a great workout. The hamstrings, quads, lower back and calves are good areas to stretch when working the glute muscles because it helps with flexibility therefore a greater range of motion and it also helps make the tissues more elastic around the butt muscles giving them more room to grow. Stretching during and after a workout is just as good too. Some people believe that stretching before a workout is not as effective as stretching after a workout. It's a topic that's very debatable so in that case I normally do what feels good to my body.

2. Reps and weights:

When building muscle, I've learned to keep my reps (how many times I do an exercise) between 6-12 reps, while gradually increasing the amount of weight I'm using. Never start heavy, start light and listen to your body !! Start with weights that's comfortable enough for you to finish your 6-12 reps with no problem at all. Gradually work your way up to a weight that you feel is really challenging your muscles. Avoiding injury comes with safety and safety starts with learning how to strength train properly. Consult a certified personal trainer when in doubt !!

3. Type of exercises:

Exercises I recommend for the butt: Leg presses, Squats, Hip Extensions, Lunges, Leg Curls, Kickback / Cable Kickback, Hyperextensions, Hip Extension and Step Ups. These are all great butt building exercises and they work the thighs too. You can start these exercises with little or no weights until you feel your body is comfortable, stable and your form is correct. The amount of weight, number of sets and reps, duration and sessions per week is always determined by your own personal goals. When in doubt, I always suggest consulting a certified personal trainer.

4. Eating:

I never suggest training on an empty stomach nor do I suggest training on a full stomach. Your body needs fuel to operate and that fuel comes from what we eat and drink. If you're a person who normally engages in eating healthy, balanced meals on a regular basis then your reserved energy supply will probably get you through your workout with no problem at all.

Getting your healthy, balanced nutrition and not skipping meals is a key to helping build a bigger butt. Building muscle the right way means making sure your body is getting the proper amount of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats (yes, fats). The amount of nutrients each individual need will be best determined by a nutritionist and / or a personal trainer. Everyone's nutritional needs may vary particularly due to age, gender, genetics, weight and your health background. Nutrition and what you eat does not affect everyone the same even if two people are eating the exact same foods and potion sizes. When working out, your body may require a little more nutrient than normal because when working out you're depleting more of your body's nutrients than when you're not working out and being sedentary. Keeping your body hydrated with fluids (water) before and after your workout is ideal for everyone.

5. Rest and Repair:

After an intense glute pumping session, allowing those muscles to rest and repair is just as imperative as the actual workout. Not letting your muscles rest and repair after putting excessive stress on them is defeating the purpose on hand. When you're stressing your muscles to make them grow keep in mind that you're actually causing microscopic tears in them. So allocating sufficient time to let your muscle heal and repair is very important. I normally give myself 2-3 days of rest, depending on how hard I workout, to rest my muscles and let them grow. Trying to go in the gym and work sore muscles is not good! It's like beating something that's already dead. GIVE THEM TIME TO HEAL TO BECOME STRONGER AND BIGGER !!

*** Consulting a trained fitness professional, Physician and Nutritionist is what I always recommend when starting any workout regime and or diet program.

Source by Buffie Carruth

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