A Gym Expert Uncovers the Truth About Splenda

Everybody loves Splenda. They highly recommend using it for tea, coffee, and cereals. Splenda has taken everyone by storm. But there are some dirty sides to Splenda as well. The Sugar Association (not surprisingly) says that Splenda is the deadliest chemical known to mankind. If you go to the Splenda web site, you will see that it is the cure for diabetes and obesity. But we all know who paid for that.

Let's get to the bottom of the truth about Splenda. Here are 2 issues and the accompanying facts about it:

SPLENDA TRUTH 1: The first claim says that there have never been any long-term studies made on humans. This is a lie. There has been 20 years of research on Splenda before it was released in the US. The FDA reviewed 110 animal and human studies.

Some of the Splenda is metabolized into chemicals that have never been studied and may be dangerous. This is also an outright lie. About 98.5% is excreted within 6 hours of ingestion. The remaining 1.5% has been broken into metabolites. They have been tested for carcinogenic toxicity, genoticity, neutrotoxicity, and reproductive toxicity. There are no problems in the stories about ridiculously high doses. Splenda is also very stable so it ends up being metabolized. After all, Splenda isn't perfect!

SPLENDA TRUTH 2: Splenda is a no calorie sweetener and will not raise the blood sugar or insulin levels. Sucralose builds up in our fat and takes time to build up. DDT and sucralose is chemically similar. Splenda has chlorine in it, and if chlorine is poisonous, then so is Splenda.

You will learn the truths to these claims as time comes. You will have to stay tuned to see what the fitness trainer from the gym says about Splenda. You will be surprised to see if the rest of the claims are true or not. But don't take it to heart. Splenda is still good for you. It is not poisonous or dangerous. It's good for your health and overall being. Like with anything else, you should never have big servings of it. You should always eat in moderation.

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