5 Food Choices That Lead To Weight Loss

In order to lose weight sensibly, one has to cut on calories at the rate of about 1,000 fewer calories a day. You can do this by replacing high-fat foods with natural low-fat foods such as fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates and lower-fat dairy products.

Choice # 1: Meat, fish and eggs provide protein, which is essential for growth and repair. To reduce the calories, remove the skin from chicken, cut off obvious bits of fat from lamb, pork and beef, and use minimum oil for cooking. Don't shy from oily fish such as salmon, sardines or trout – it is good for you because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Choice # 2: Starchy carbohydrate foods, such as bread, potatoes, rice and breakfast cereals, provide us with energy and nutrients. They should make up about a third of your total daily energy intake. Choose those that are higher in fiber. They'll make you feel full for longer and help to control hunger.

Choice # 3: Everyone should aim to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet. Because fruit and vegetables are bulky and contain a lot of water, they can help to control your calorie intake and help you to stay away from sugary foods. Be careful with some fruits like bananas and melons – they have more sugar in them than you can imagine.

Choice # 4: Foods such as cheese, yoghurt and milk are an important source of calcium as well as providing protein and vitamins. Choose low-fat or reduced-fat versions to reduce the amount of calories in your diet. Don't eat cheese with meats because together they are hard to digest.

Choice # 5: Fatty, salty and sugary foods, such as crisps, spreads, oils, creamy dressings, sweets, cakes, biscuits and chocolate, and sugar-rich drinks, including alcohol, are high in calories but relatively low in nutrients. Eating healthily means choosing foods that are packed with nutrients rather than packed with energy. You should reduce your intake of these foods as much as possible.

If you want to lose weight quickly do a crush diet. On a crush diet you can lose up to 8 pounds in a matter of days but then you have to see how to make a successful transition to the regular meals. If you don't work it out beforehand, you most certainly will spoil your weight loss success. So, print out this article and use it when you decide on your food choices for after the crush diet.

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