3 Day Push/Pull/Legs Split

This workout is a 3 day push/pull/leg split workout. It’s a relatively simple training method which is good for novices and hard gainers who can only fit a few training sessions a week or thoes who are beginning out and have trouble recovering from frequent training splits. By this I mean when most beginners start out they always do full body workouts, where all guilty of it every magazine says it just about every website and blog does to. There is definitely a health benefits to this type of training there is no questioning that, there is however certain people that doesn’t work for they don’t get adequate time to recover working the same muscle three to four times in a week. So that’s where this 3 way split comes in, it will still allow you to build muscle and maintain your lean muscle mass while at the same time it is not over taxing on the body.

So, how does this workout actually work?

As the name suggests the first workout is all upper body pushing exercises, the second workout is all upper body pulling exercises and the third workout is an all leg workout.

So ideally your workout should be laid out like this for the week.

Week 1







If you can manage to get a five day workout week excellent, I would advise doing some form of interval or circuit training on the between days of this workout.

Day 1

Push workout

Sets and reps

Bench Press

3 x 8

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 x 10

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

3 x 10

Barbell Overhead Press

3 x 5

Weighted Dips

3 x 8

Incline Bench Press

3 x 8

Day 2

Pull Workout

Sets and Reps


4 x 5

Pull Ups

3 x 8

Barbell Bent Over Row

3 x 8

Barbell Curl

3 x 10

Lat Pull Downs

3 x 10

Cable Row

4 x 8

Day 3


Sets and Reps


3 x 8

Leg Press

3 x 8

Standing Calf Raise

4 x 10

Barbell Lunge

3 x 6 each leg

Romanian Deadlift

3 x 5

Leg Curl

3 x 8

Workout guide lines.

Warm up

This is a thing a lot of people get wrong you should always do 1 or 2 warm up sets. If the workout states 3 sets these warm up sets are not counted as part of them 3.

Rest time between each set

Resting between sets can depend on a couple factors. Rest roughly 2 minutes if you are doing heavy sets. If you are doing sets with a moderate weight than 90 seconds is more than enough.


Finally weight, the most important part. I stated in the opening of this that this was ideal workout for beginners and novices now as you advance or if you are already advanced enough to do these exercises with heavy weight and correct form, then by all means rack up the weights and make the workout as tough as you can. Always remember to try keep the weight manageable or at least within a rep or 2 from failure.

Saying that it’s OK to hit failure before you make your rep range just don’t aim for failure.

If you are starting out I would recommend you find a weight you can manage and use that weight for all sets of that exercise. Slowly increase the weight each week you perform the workout. Only increase the weight to a point where you’re not sacrificing form.

Source by Kenneth Coleman

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