3 Beer Belly Exercises To Tone and Strengthen Your Abs

In this article I want to talk about 3 exercises that can help you tone and firm your abs. If you use these exercises as part of a regular workout routine and follow a healthy diet plan, you can see great results and lose your beer belly.

I’ve specifically limited this article to ab exercises that you can do at home without any equipment, so you won’t see the hanging leg raises exercise which I love because it does require a pull up bar.

Exercise #1 – Reverse crunch

Lie on your back on a workout mat or the floor. Bend both legs and raise them a bit off the floor. Tighten your ab muscles and pull both legs together toward your chest. During this movement you can lift your butt and lower back slightly off the floor. You need to really crunch your stomach for the best effect. You can also use ankle weights to add to the intensity of the exercise. The lower crunch is an excellent and effective exercise.

Exercise #2 – Bicycle crunch

Lie on your back with both knees bent. Place your hands on either side of your head just like in a sit-up. Lift both feet slightly off the floor and straighten your right leg. Bring your left knee toward your chest and rotate your upper body so the right elbow is turned toward the left knee.

The movement is simple: switch sides on everything. You need to straighten your left leg while bending your right. At the same time, you need to rotate your upper body to the other side, turning your left elbow toward your right knee. This exercise works the entire stomach muscles, central and obliques. It’s considered one of the best and most effective stomach exercises that you can do.

Exercise #3 – Scissors

An advanced exercise when performed correctly, the scissors may be challenging until you build additional strength. To do the scissors, you need to lie on your back with straight legs. Lift both legs slightly and cross your ankles without them touching each other. Just to maintain your legs in the air, you’ll feel your abs straining hard. The movement will make it harder still: uncross and re-cross your ankles with the right and left alternating top positions. Soon, you will feel your muscles protesting all the strain you’re placing them under.

I hope that you will find these exercises fun and not just a way to tone your abs.

Source by John Davenport

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